The Bread Basket Restaurant and Tea Room



House Salad                                                                      
Tossed greens, dried cranberries, mandarin oranges and sugared pecans
served with the house dressing.

Caesar Salad                                                                       
Romaine lettuce,
parmesan cheese and homemade croutons served with Caesar dressing on the side.
Chicken Chef Salad                                                     
​Tender seasoned chicken breast, fresh strawberries and grapes, pineapple, mandarin oranges, sugared pecans on tossed greens.  Served with house dressing on the side and a slice of fresh baked cranberry orange bread.

Chicken & Feta Cheese Salad
​Romaine lettuce, feta cheese crumbles, seasoned chicken breast, homemade croutons and grape tomatoes served with a sweet vadalia onion vinegarette dressing on the side and a slice of fresh baked cranberry orange bread.
*Ranch, French, Thousand Island and Italian dressings are available upon request.


Our soups are made fresh each day. A cup of soup makes a nice side to any 
sandwich or salad and a bowl of soup is hearty enough to make it a meal all
by itself. Add a slice ​of cranberry orange bread for an extra treat.


Chicken Salad Croissant                                     
Chicken Salad topped with leaf lettuce served on a buttery croissant.  This sandwich come with your choice of soup or house salad.

Smoked Turkey Croissant                                     
A flakey butter croissant is spread with raspberry pepper preserves and layered with tender slices of smoked turkey, muenster cheese and fresh lettuce.  This sandwich comes with your choice of soup or house salad. 

Smoked Turkey Spinach Wrap                             
A flour tortilla spread with our signature cream cheese mixture is wrapped around slices of smoked turkey, baby spinach and leaf lettuce.  This wrap comes with your choice of soup or house salad. 

Daily Specials

Hot Entrée                                                                           

A hot entree is served with your choice of a house salad or cup of soup.

A slice of our fresh baked cranberry orange bread rounds out this meal.                          


Hot Sandwich  

A hot sandwich is served with a side each day.                                                   


Half Sandwich

For a lighter meal we offer a half sandwich.  For an additional charge you can add a cup or bowl of soup or salad.

**Have a special dietary need? Let your server know and we will try to accommodate you as best we can.


Here at the The Bread Baseket we are all about desserts.  And once you see our dessert

tray you will know why.  Our signature White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie is made daily

along with many other homemade desserts.  Cheesecakes, Pies, Cookies and Cakes

are just a few of the tempting sweet treats that are on our dessert tray. Round out

your meal with a dessert or we can box one up to take home for later.


Coffee:  Regular, decaffeinated and flavored 


Raspberry Lemonade

Ice Teas

Hot Teas

Hot Chocolate



Soft Drinks

Wine (Take home or enjoy while you dine. Sold by the bottle only.)

Specialty Treats

Whole Pies & Cakes*

Cranberry Orange Bread

Cinnamon Rolls*

Raspberry Cream Cheese Croissants*


Sugared Pecans

* Must Preorder